I Am Blogging Again!

I Am Blogging Again!

After MIA (Missing In Action) in the blogging world for so long, I am proud to announce… I’M BACK!

As my blog caption says, this blog is all about Photography & Me. This is a story of how I got connected to photography.

I have developed the passion in photography since I got my first digital camera in 2004. It was a Canon PowerShot S1. It was a really fun camera to use and to learn more about photography. I remember I used to bring the camera with me everywhere I go… even to work.

I have started a photoblog to share the photos I’ve taken. Strong passion in photography has kept me motivated and I managed to accomplish my own goal of posting one photo a day for 365 days!

After working so hard on my savings, finally I have enough money to buy my first dSLR, a Nikon D300. I love my D300 so much. Due to the size and weight, I am no longer able to bring my camera along as often.

Photography has slowly turned from just a hobby to become another source of income for me when I started taking photography jobs, such as wedding, portrait, product, etc. Along the way I have met so many great friends and I have so much to learn from them.

Flashing back to all these years, there are ups and downs in my photography career. There were times where I enjoyed every shooting outing. There were also times where I have no confidence in shooting anything. I have been through the “Soul Searching” period where I tried to search for my own style in photography. I have gave myself so much pressure to improve my photography skills to a stage I no longer enjoy doing it as much as I did when photography was just a hobby for me.

I realized I have forgotten that photography is suppose to be fun and enjoyable. So this blog is to remind myself that I should stop giving so many excuses and just enjoy the fun and excitement of photography. I hope I can keep the passion and motivation growing.


I was really having a tough time searching for my personal portrait for this post. I realized I have too few personal portraits. So, my new aim is to collect more of my personal portraits. 😉

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