Jono . Qiqi . Jenn

Jono . Qiqi . Jenn

New Zealand Labour Day falls on the fourth Monday of October. This means Labour Day weekend will be a long holiday for many people. During that weekend I have the chance to visit Auckland Zoo together with J&J family… Jennifer, Jonathan and Qiqi. I have also done a family portrait shooting for them.

It was really fun to go for an outing plus shooting session with them. They are such a nice family especially Jenn & Jono’s daughther, Qiqi. She is such an adorable little girl.

Here’s some photos of their family portrait session.

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  1. Mei Hong

    Well done to the photographers and the models!!!I love this album so much. I love the one Qiqi reading a tiny little book while relaxing. Also love the human swing.

  2. Mei Hong

    The more i see this album, the more i love it. It really tells a story. Esp the one where she fell down, and she just pick herself up, brush off the dirt on her hands, and move on happily.

  3. Chin Yee

    Awesome! Although I’ve seen the photos repeatedly (before and after editing), I’m still amazed with the expression that you managed to capture. Perfect moment.

    Love the watermark as well (love the paw print there 😀 )

  4. Jenn

    YY, thanks again so much for capturing all those beautiful moments. It will remain a very special day in our hearts. Can’t thank you and CY enough!!! You’re amazing!!!

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