Flash Back of 2010

Flash Back of 2010

Another year has past. 2010 has just say goodbye to us and 2011 came to say Hello.

Flashing back to my memory lane, there were a lot of happy and unforgettable moments. There were also some sad and emotional memories. 2010 also has been challenging year for me too.

Overall 2010 has been a wonderful year for me in many ways. Here’s what happened in my life in the past one year.


Daphne & Steven Wedding
I started 2010 in a very interested way. I had the privilege to shoot my friend, Daphne & Steven Wedding in Auckland. It was held at the Botanic Garden. It was a very fun and enjoyable wedding.

New Zealand South Island Trip
Daphne & Steven wedding was a very good opportunity for five of us to come to New Zealand. After the wedding, we went for our South Island Tour. It was a 10 days trip. South Island is really beautiful especially Queenstown. We wish we had more time to explore this wonderful land.


Joe McNally Kuala Lumpur Seminar
Thanks to WedShooter.TV, I get the chance to attend Joe McNally’s seminar in KL. I remember I was being seconded to help on the Marina Bay Sands project in Singapore for a few months. Because I do not want to miss the opportunity to attend the seminar, I purposely took a bus back to KL over the weekend to attend the seminar and went back to Singapore after the seminar. It was really inspiring to meet Joe McNally in person and listen to the sharing of his experiences.

Chinese New Year 2010
During Chinese New Year I really enjoy all the reunion breakfast and dinner as those are the time where everybody gets together and have a great feast together. Although usually there are a lot of work for Chinese New Year preparation, but all those efforts are really worth it.


Family Outing: Fishing
I remember when we were young, my parents used to bring us to holiday trips. We will be really really happy as we get to travel no matter how far or near. Actually what I enjoyed most were the journey of our trips. Now we all has grown up and my sisters have their own family and we all are busy with our own things we seldom have these family trips anymore. Furthermore I have been known as rare guest for this kind of family outings I think since after high school. I know I am really bad and I promise I will change and this will be one of my New Year resolutions.

One of our recent family outings was a fishing trip in Semenyih. Although I do not fancy fishing, but I really enjoyed the time together with my family.


Family Dinner + Family Photo
Sek Yuen is my uncle’s family Chinese restaurant in Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur. Since young we always came here for dinner. This restaurant has a long history both in business and also in our family history. We had dinner there before my sister’s family migrate to Canada. We also took the opportunity to take some family photos. Although this photo is not an award-winning family photo but I really like this because of everyone’s expression in the photo. I miss my family.

Slideshow Session
We had a potluck session in my cousin’s sister’s house. My cousin sister made a slideshow for my sister as a farewell gift. She has compiled a lot of old and new photos and put in a lot of effort to make the slideshow. After dinner that night we call gathered to view the slideshow together. The slideshow brought a lot of memories and laughter to everyone. Once again, this has proven photos have magical power. 😉

Bon Voyage to My Beloved Sister
2010 has also been a very emotional year for me as my sister’s family migrated to Canada. I remember the moments when were sending my sister’s family off at the airport. Everyone was so emotional including me, but I am really happy for them as I know they will have a better life there. More Photos.


Life in Auckland
I took the challenge to come to New Zealand on Working Holiday since 2010 is the last year that I am eligible for the visa. So I quit my job, applied the visa, bought air tickets and here I am in Auckland now. Time is passing real fast. It’s nearly five months now since I came to Auckland and I will be going home soon.

Coming to New Zealand has really been the greatest things I’ve done in 2010. I remember when we arrived, our friends here brought us to a lovely dinner. The food were good.

I am so lucky to know many great friends in New Zealand. They are really nice and helpful. You all have made our stay really pleasant and feel less home sick. Thanks to everyone that I met here. You guys are really great.

Spring In Auckland
When I first arrived in Auckland it was almost end of winter. After that it was followed by Spring. Chin Yee and I were walking around Albert Park and we manage to see cherry blossom blooming. It was really beautiful.


Greentree Commercial Shoot
Thanks to Daphne for recommending me to your company. I have the opportunity to capture the process of a commercial shoot for Greentree New Zealand. It was really a superb experience for me.


Product Shoot
I helped a friend to do some product shoot that will be used in the local auction website call TradeMe. Although the sales were not as good as we hope for, but it was really a great experience for me while doing the product shoot.

Family Portrait
I’ve done a family portrait shoot for Jenn, Jono & Qiqi at Auckland Zoo. It was a really fun outing and shoot. It’s also my first time visiting Auckland Zoo. Qiqi is a lovely and adorable angel. It was really nice shooting for the family.

My First Halloween

I attended my first ever Halloween Party in my life thanks to my friends in Monte Cassino. The party was awesome. I really enjoyed myself. Well done to everyone organizing the party.


Christmas in the Park
I went to a mega Christmas party in the Auckland Domain. There were really a lot of people at the event. It was a really cool experience celebrating Christmas in the park.

Maersk Line NZ Christmas Party
I was being engaged as the official photographer for Maersk Line Christmas Party event thanks to Mei Hong. The theme for the party was Bond night. So everyone has to dress up with costumes related to James Bond. It was really awesome.

Christmas Trip to Northland
Chin Yee and I went for a road trip to Northland on Christmas day. We went to a place call Matapouri. There is a beautiful beach where we spent our Christmas with good weather.

Mei Chin & Joshua Wedding
My last wedding shoot in 2010 was Mei Chin & Joshua wedding in Waimauku. The wedding venue was beautiful and I can see everyone really enjoyed themselves on their wedding day.

Well, that pretty much summarizes what happened in my life in 2010. I feel that I have not done enough in 2010. I really need to make a better resolution of me for 2011. I am not going to list down my New Year resolutions here but I am really looking forward to 2011. I will be going back to KL for good in end of January. There are really a lot of things I need to do in this coming year. I really hope things will get better and I will try my best to get the most out of 2011.

Yesterday… or rather this morning there were fireworks in Auckland City. One of them was at the Sky Tower and another firework display was by the harbour. I was lucky to see them from my apartment but my apartment was not the best location for firework shoot. So I only manage to get some shots from limited angle.

I wish everyone would have a magnificent year in 2011. Happy New Year!

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  1. Chin Yee

    Nice way to flash back to 2010. You have done quite a lot and you should be proud of yourself.

    Can’t wait to see more photos in 2011

    Always your NO.1 fans 😉

    • yungyaw

      Happy New Year Val, Yeah, most of my memories are stored digitally in my hard disk in the form of photos. The memory quality of my brain is not so good now. Hehe! Thank you so much for the wishes. I hope all the best to you too.

  2. Mei Hong

    Amazing….. I am very happy to read your achievements in 2010. There is no stopping here….more happy and brilliant things to come in 2011.

    All the best.

    Always your no. 2 fans (cannot cut Chin Yee’s position) . hahahahaha

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