New Facelift New Facelift

I have been working on my new blog design for a while and I’m glad to announce it is finally ready for a facelift. Below is the before and after design of my blog.

Old Look


New Look


What’s New
  • Horizontally oriented layout in most pages.
  • Different background image for different post type.
  • Added Portfolio gallery.
  • Added Contact page.
  • And some improvement here and there.

There were really a lot of work involved in migrating from one blog design to another. I have tried my best to check all the links and post to make sure they are working, but I might have overlooked something in the process. If you encounter something that is not right in my blog, please kindly inform me so that I can rectify asap.

Feel free to drop me some comments on what you think about this new blog design.

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