Jinnee + KahHan R.O.M

Jinnee + KahHan R.O.M

I have the privilege to be the photographer for Jinnee & KahHan and witnessed their lovely R.O.M held at KahHan’s house in their beautiful garden.

Beautiful decorations.JinNee_KahHan_02JinNee_KahHan_03
Apparently they have got the “Best-Kept Garden Award” in 2010. JinNee_KahHan_04JinNee_KahHan_05JinNee_KahHan_06JinNee_KahHan_07JinNee_KahHan_08JinNee_KahHan_09JinNee_KahHan_10JinNee_KahHan_11JinNee_KahHan_12JinNee_KahHan_13JinNee_KahHan_14JinNee_KahHan_15

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