Cindy + YewYung | Vancouver L.O.V.E

Cindy + YewYung | Vancouver L.O.V.E

I have the chance to visit Vancouver for the first time thanks to Cindy and Yew Yung. It is indeed a great pleasure to be invited to shoot for Cindy & Yew Yung’s wedding in Vancouver. They are truly a nice & fun couple to work with.

The shoot was more like a combination of work + leisure. We were travelling to most of the touristic places such as Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Waterfront, University of British Columbia, etc.

Thank you to Cindy & Yew Yung for being patient with me and have to continuously pose under hot sun. Cindy was such a natural poser while Yew Yung did very well with his cool & charming look.

Because of this assignment, I also got the chance to visit my sister’s family who has just moved to Vancouver from Winnipeg. I miss them so much.

Here are some of the photos.

Surprise of the day… a raccoon came out from no where when we were shooting in Stanley Park. Cute little fella and I also love Cindy’s expression when she saw the raccoon. πŸ˜‰

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