Dania & Heikal

Dania & Heikal

It’s been a while now since I last posted and it’s time to clear the cobwebs from my blog again. I hope I’m not too late to start blogging for the year 2012. I’ve been quite busy shooting for weddings and I hope I can start flooding my blog now with more of my work.

For a good start, I would like to share a wonderful set of photos I shot for Dania & Heikal on their wedding night. The wedding event was dated back on Christmas Eve 2011. Yes, Christmas Eve 2011! Well, I have no regrets celebrating my Christmas Eve with such a wonderful couple 😉

I met up with Dania & Heikal few months before their wedding. I had the chance to get to know them even better when I shot for Dania’s portraiture photos few weeks before their wedding. Both Dania & Heikal are very camera-friendly people and I feel very comfortable shooting for them.

On their wedding night, Dania’s had one of the most stunning gowns while Heikal was looking charming as usual. The venue was beautifully decorated with fresh flowers and candles, along with a good combination of colours. It reminds me something of a mystical garden and of course, not forgetting their very well-played live band. It’s one of the best so far.

When they were both walking down the aisle, I felt like I was shooting for a celebrity couple. They looked stunning walking hand-in-hand and were greeted with lots of cheers from the crowd. Overall, it was an amazing wedding shoot and I’m truly honoured to be their photographer.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the night. For more photos please check out my Portfolio page.

Dania_Heikal_02 Dania_Heikal_03 Dania_Heikal_05 Dania_Heikal_08 Dania_Heikal_10 Dania_Heikal_11 Dania_Heikal_12 Dania_Heikal_13 Dania_Heikal_14 Dania_Heikal_15 Dania_Heikal_17 Dania_Heikal_20 Dania_Heikal_23 Dania_Heikal_24 Dania_Heikal_29 Dania_Heikal_32 Dania_Heikal_33 Dania_Heikal_38 Dania_Heikal_40 Dania_Heikal_41

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  1. MH

    I love this!!! Well done for starting up the blog again…I have been checking your website every month, and good to know I can view nice photos again!

    • yungyaw

      Thank you MHmm. Really happy to know that I have some loyal fans all the way in NZ. Haha! OK, I will try to post as frequent as I can. Cheers!

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