Cindy & YewYung Wedding

Cindy & YewYung Wedding

Throughout my photography career, I’m thankful that I’ve been surrounded with great people. Not only that I have a great bunch of photographers, videographers and make-up artist friends, my clients consist of mostly warm and genuine people. I’m truly blessed to have clients who appreciate my work and treat me as a friend rather than just a mere wedding photographer.

This time round, I would like to share on one of my amazing couple, Cindy and Yew Yung. They signed up with me for their wedding early last year. Along the way, an idea was thrown in to have a pre-wedding shoot while they were having their ROM in Vancouver. The idea was inviting and we proceeded. It was an honor to shoot for their ROM and we had a great time.

Time do goes by fast. In a blink of an eye, we met again for their actual wedding day. It was great seeing this lovely couple six months later.

Their wedding was on a beautiful Saturday morning and weather was welcoming. Leanne was my great partner for the day and the official videographer team was Studio Park. It was wonderful to work with them again.

The whole session went smoothly. Carmen, from Wedding Isle, did a great job with the bride’s makeup. The bridesmaid were indeed kind to the groom and his entourage. At least they did not have to gobble nasty food stuff or drinks. Yew Yung managed to fetch his beautiful bride with the help from his supportive groomsmen.

The wedding dinner was full with emotions. Touching speeches were given by the couple’s parents, brothers and friends.

Overall, I had a fantastic time shooting for this wedding. The best part was I got to hang around for supper with the couple’s siblings. Looking forward to more wedding shoot!

Check out my portfolio page for more photos of Cindy & YewYung Wedding.

Cindy_YewYung_01 Cindy_YewYung_02 Cindy_YewYung_04 Cindy_YewYung_05 Cindy_YewYung_07 Cindy_YewYung_09 Cindy_YewYung_10 Cindy_YewYung_11 Cindy_YewYung_12 Cindy_YewYung_13 Cindy_YewYung_14 Cindy_YewYung_18 Cindy_YewYung_19 Cindy_YewYung_20 Cindy_YewYung_21 Cindy_YewYung_22 Cindy_YewYung_23 Cindy_YewYung_24 Cindy_YewYung_25 Cindy_YewYung_28 Cindy_YewYung_29 Cindy_YewYung_32 Cindy_YewYung_33 Cindy_YewYung_37 Cindy_YewYung_38 Cindy_YewYung_39 Cindy_YewYung_40 Cindy_YewYung_41 Cindy_YewYung_42 Cindy_YewYung_43 Cindy_YewYung_45 Cindy_YewYung_47 Cindy_YewYung_48 Cindy_YewYung_49 Cindy_YewYung_51 Cindy_YewYung_52 Cindy_YewYung_53 Cindy_YewYung_54 Cindy_YewYung_56 Cindy_YewYung_59 Cindy_YewYung_61 Cindy_YewYung_62 Cindy_YewYung_64 Cindy_YewYung_65 Cindy_YewYung_66 Cindy_YewYung_67 Cindy_YewYung_71

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