Melissa & YC Wedding

Melissa & YC Wedding

Being a wedding photographer, I have the privilege to be part of the important moments of someone’s life. Each wedding is different and each has own stories to tell. Melissa & YC wedding is one of the most beautiful weddings that I have photographed. It was not only beautiful visually, but it was full of emotions and joy.

This wedding shows once again that love has no boundaries. YC is a Malaysian & Melissa is from Indonesia. Their love has brought the two lovely souls together. Friends and families came from all over the world to celebrate the love of Melissa & YC.

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The day started with the preparation of the Melissa and her bridesmaids in Holiday Inn Glenmarie. I like the fact that the bridesmaids were around the bride while Melissa was doing her make up. The atmosphere was more happening and merrier.

Melissa_YC_01 Melissa_YC_03 Melissa_YC_04 Melissa_YC_05

YC also prepared himself and hang out with his groomsmen in another room.

Melissa_YC_06 Melissa_YC_09 Melissa_YC_08

The first event of the wedding was tea ceremony. Before Melissa & YC head to the tea ceremony venue, we manage to grab a few portraits.


YC is quite tall and he has to bend his body while the little girl tip toe a bit to give YC a kiss. I really like moment like this.


YC’s parents welcome Melissa to their family.


Grandpa has the happiest smile when being served tea by the grand daughter in law.


Grandpa smile has brought smiles to others’ face too.


I’m sure Melissa’s parent will miss Melissa a lot, but at the same time they are happy for Melissa because she will be taken good care of by YC.


After tea ceremony it was followed by an outdoor solemnization ceremony. The venue was beautifully decorated by TheOccasions.


Melissa went back to hotel room to change to her wedding gown for the solemnization ceremony.

Melissa_YC_29 Melissa_YC_30

The guys were all ready. The moment has come for the walk in of bride and bridesmaid.

Melissa_YC_32 Melissa_YC_33 Melissa_YC_34

The ceremony started.

Melissa_YC_36 Melissa_YC_39 Melissa_YC_40

YC was so emotional when giving thank you speech to his parents.

Melissa_YC_42 Melissa_YC_43

Melissa parents can’t hold their tears too when Melissa was giving her thank you speech. It was really a very touching moment.

Melissa_YC_45 Melissa_YC_48 Melissa_YC_47

Everyone was crying, but it’s OK because those are happy tears.


After the solemnization, the guests adjourned to the ballroom for wedding reception dinner. Once again, TheOccasions has done a marvelous job on the wedding decoration.

Melissa_YC_51 Melissa_YC_52


YC & Melissa’s first dance was so romantic. Love is in the air.


Melissa brothers’ speeches have brought tears flowing from down her cheek.

Melissa_YC_63 Melissa_YC_64

The groomsmen and guests have requested the bride & groom to kiss.

Melissa_YC_66 Melissa_YC_67

The bridesmaids’ speeches were equally touching.


I saw Melissa held her dad’s hand during the reception. This simple act really brings so much warmth to my heart.


Usually, many people is happy to see a champagne that pops far and high. I saw Melissa & YC’s champagne popping was equally as happy and entertaining.


Look at the cute little girl.


Melissa & YC’s wedding was really fun, memorable and nice. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves.


Photos all the way till the end of time.

Melissa_YC_74 Melissa_YC_75

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