New Zealand

Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud. An amazing country with scenic views whenever you look over your shoulder. The air is clean and fresh, and you will be surprise on how fun it can be by driving along the countryside. Whether you are having a picnic beside the lake or strolling in town, you will always have an amazing experience. This country really has got it all.

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I’ve been to New Zealand twice and have spend quite a long time there. Each time I was there, I encountered different experiences and yet I still have the same calm, relax and enjoyable feeling.


I enjoyed the fact we can picnic literally anytime and anywhere as we like.


The budget accommodations in NZ are cheap, nice and clean.

NewZealand_34 NewZealand_39

We enjoyed cooking as much as we enjoyed eating.

NewZealand_40 NewZealand_35 NewZealand_36

There were so many photographic opportunity, we just can’t stop shooting… even when we were on the move.


Cherry is one of our favourite fruits in New Zealand. They are so fresh and juicy.

NewZealand_38 NewZealand_41

When we were surrounded by beautiful sceneries, even the simplest thing can make us laugh and be happy.

NewZealand_43 NewZealand_44

We were so happy and we were jumping around like kids.


Yes! We love jumping!

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